Ferrari Portofino

Named after one of the Italian Riviera’s most beautiful towns, it’s fitting that the Ferrari Portofino is one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s on the planet

The Portofino’s engine is a marvel of modern engineering, a Twin Turbo 3.9L V8 that produces 591 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque

About that, the Portofino’s looks are intended not only to remind you of the beautiful town for which it is named but also to provide inconceivable aerodynamics

The two-box fastback design is headed by a large grille stretching nearly the full width of the car, while the LED headlights conceal an air intake that exits along the car’s flanks to reduce drag.

  • Price : From / Day: €1,298 
  • Engine: twin turbo 32 valve V8  
  • BHP: 592 
  • 0 – 100km: 3.1 
  • Top Speed: 320 
  • Min Age: 25 
  • Min Hire Period Days:
  • Security Deposit: Required 
  • Conditions: Please read our reservations policy